Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Important - Please Read

(See further down for supported versions of my former mods)

Since some of you still visit this old address I will make one last post here. Back in September I retired from modding on my tumblr (which was the main site for Simsical Creations):

That said, as it says in the post I will not continue making mods or supporting them. I removed my tumblr a few days after the December patch because people that DID read this post were still asking and expecting me to update them. I completely understand with those that did not see my retiring post, but it was kind of upsetting to me for those that did because I felt I was being cornered and I wasted my time writing up that post for people to not pay attention to the contents of it. Most importantly, however, the patch broke nearly all of my mods so there was no point in leaving them up anymore when they won't work.

**Check below for updated versions**

One of my longest Simmer friends (Simstopics/devilgurl) has taken over a few of my mods, you can find them at MTS. Here is a list of my mods that are now supported elsewhere:

Faster Retail Actions
Faster Homework
Walk Normal - Disabled Walkstyles
Risky Woohoo - The Woohoo module for Deaderpool's MC Command Center does the same and more, it's better than this one was.

GTW Venue Fridge should always be fine, I will edit here if that changes.

If I find any other creators that have taken over my mods, I will link to them here and on my Simsical Twitter account that will remain open for that purpose.


Another thing I should point out is after I deleted my Simsical tumblr, someone else opened a tumblr with the same exact name. So all links that pointed to anything of mine will go to that tumblr. It is NOT mine, so please don't get your hopes up thinking that it's back.

I do have a new tumblr (well simblr) I just opened up today, there will not be any uploads to it. I'll basically be using it to follow other simblrs in the community. Feel free to follow me if you want to keep in contact, but please don't ask me if I'll be returning to modding or updating my mods. As of right now the answer is still no.

Happy Simming!

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